The Typical Muscle Heads

If you watched various TV shows, movies and even in animated shows; you have probably been introduced to various personality and characters. But you will probably be aware of the category of the type of characteristics or role of a people in the show in general. There are the general cool protagonist, annoying sidekicks, smart enemies and most common of all, the muscle head henchmen.

There are henchmen with massive bodies and rock solid muscles that makes them physically stronger than the rest and which makes it difficult to the protagonist to take them down. The means of defeating such opponent varies, but the most common way is that they are being out smarted instead of being physically overcome. In which make a typical description of them that they are all muscles and do not intend to use their brain. They also are shown as some kind of narcissist bodybuilders due to their habit of flexing their muscles and watching themselves in the mirror.

The Image Created
As there are mostly shown in the scripts, they are usually depicted as physically strong huge male, short tempered and easily provoked with an anger issue. As their physical strength ascend, so does their capacity to intellectually think diminishes and relies more on their instinct in their decision making. This mostly makes them dumb in the eyes of most of the viewers and easily manipulated by their mastermind.

There also representation that they are quick to tire out and very stiff in their movement. They are also shown that they take drugs to further increase their performance like it some kind of super boost that instantaneously takes effect.  Upon taking the drug, it makes them go very aggressive and out of control in exchange for their enormous increase in strength and power.

Real Life Muscle Head
But such character is truly referenced in real life stereo types based on the usual symptoms of the side effects of drugs such as the steroid or other testosterone induced drugs. Most of the body builders sought this drug since it induces synthesize testosterone that helps build muscle faster and give a boost of strength while working out. A licensed physician usually prescribed such drug in cycles varied in duration and dosage to reduce risk to the patient. It refers to the usage of the drug in a correct dose with regular intakes within the certain period of time.

As depicted on the shows, those are based on the symptoms that can develop by altering the testosterone level of the body. If misused or abused by a person, they can develop side effects which are detected with changes in the person's mood. Hence, they become more emotionally unstable. They become more agitated and easily angered even with regards to small matters. They are also times they are depressed and usual feel tired all the sudden.

Movies and anime present an accurate image of a typical stereo type muscle head that abused performance enhancing drugs and suffering from its side effects that altered their natural personality. As their body become huge with rock solid muscles with deepening of their voice and increase in their physical strength; they become more susceptible to the temptation to rely more on the product and overdose it.

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