Everything you know about cake and its frostings.

Delicious cakes are generally the formation of dessert which is baked in microwave. They usually contain the composition of several ingredients like flour, sugar, milk, baking powder, oil, liquid and baking soda. As the cakes are incomplete without frostings or toppings. A garnished cake is commonly intensified by decorating with luscious frostings, toppings and icings like sprinkles that are typically known as Jimmies. Normally frostings are made up of powdered sugar and many a times it contains fat such as cream, milk and other variety of flavorings like cocoa powder, vanilla extract etc. Many type of frostings used to decorate cakes such as brownie frosting, whipped cream frosting, whipped chocolate butter cream frosting, Swiss meringue butter cream frosting and more. Most of the cake bakers use circled fondant icings. Kota bakers provide a wide variety of cakes like chocolate cakes, double tier cakes, ice cream cakes, fruit cakes with fair prices and faster deliveries online cake delivery in kota is free and suitable for all the customer's.
Kota bakers provides variety of luscious cakes with frostings-
  • Chocolate cake with whipped chocolate butter cream frosting
Many of us get delighted and excited to taste luscious chocolate cake. It is generally made with typical ingredients like chocolate, flour, sugar, milk, egg, nutty chocolates, chocolate sauce, cocoa powder, baking powder, butter and soda. A finished cake is usually imperfect without a frosting. A whipped chocolate butter cream frosting completes the delicious chocolate cake.
  • Strawberry cake with buttercream frosting

Yummy strawberry cake is made with tiny strawberries. Usually it also includes other typical ingredients of cake. To make a strawberry cake tasty and mouth watering, we add vanilla butter cream frosting.
  • Vanilla icecream cake with vanilla butter cream frosting

Luscious vanilla cake is generally made with vanilla extract and vanilla ice cream. While it contains the combination of other components like flour, sugar, butter, milk etc. and a luscious vanilla butter cream frosting to make it beautiful and delicious in taste.
  • Oreo cake with chocolate fudge frosting

Yummy Oreo chocolate cakes are liked by numerous kids. They are flavorful, soft and moist and are extremely very simple to make. Biscuit and chocolate are the main ingredients of Oreo chocolate. As they also contains typical components of cake and a delicious chocolate butter cream frosting to make it more tasty. Oreo cakes are usually decorated with small nutty chocolates, white and brown icings and other sweeteners
  • Lemon ice-cream cake with whipped butter cream frostings
Lemon ice cream cakes are usually very delicious in taste. It is made with certain ingredients such as lemons, whipped cream, powdered sugar, milk, flour and vanilla extract. Lemon ice cream cakes are generally liked by many people. We are making it tastier with variety of frostings like whipped butter cream frosting and vanilla butter cream frosting.
  • Pineapple cake with butter cream frosting

As Pineapple fruit is liked by most of the people. We make delicious pineapple cake for pineapple lovers. It usually require common ingredients of cake and pineapple is the main ingredient of pineapple cake and it also adds whipped butter cream frosting to make it more luscious.

If you find the cake damaged or not fresh after the delivery send cake to kota, they will deliver you new fresh cake.

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