3 Types of Workplace Discrimination Women Face Every Day

Because of all the progress made by the women’s rights movement over the last five decades, many people now believe that gender discrimination is a thing of the past. While it’s true that many improvements have been made on the aforementioned front, this notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Each day, working women face a broad range of discrimination, with a staggering number of incidents going unreported. Anyone interested in learning more about the plight of women in the workplace should read up on the following forms of discrimination. 

1. Appearance Expectations

It’s no secret that women are judged on their appearances far more than men. In many workplaces, women are expected to wear full makeup and maintain a much more composed appearance than their male contemporaries. Women who fail to meet these expectations are often silently admonished or outright reprimanded by their peers and superiors. While expecting employees to maintain a professional appearance during work hours is perfectly understandable, the degree to which working women have their physical appearances scrutinized borders on absurd. If you want more information on the trials women face in the workplace, pay a visit to Caroline.

2. Wage Discrepancy

The wage discrepancy that exists between men and women is among the most blatant examples of gender-based discrimination in the workplace. At many companies, women continue to be paid lower wages than their male coworkers despite performing many of the same job duties. In the U.S. alone, the average woman’s salary is just over three quarters as much as the average man’s. The idea that an employee’s worth is partially based on gender is responsible for much of the latent sexism that permeates many modern-day work environments.

3. Pregnancy Woes

Many women in the working world are afraid of getting pregnant because this could potentially cost them their jobs. Compared to other Western nations, the U.S. has a terrible track record on accommodating pregnant women. In addition to providing no more than a week for maternity leave, many companies won’t hesitate to get rid of new mothers who need more time with their children.

Gender discrimination is alive and well in workplaces all over the country. Unfortunately, it often goes unnoticed and is allowed to quietly fester. However, by understanding the various forms it takes, we can begin taking steps to stamp out this type of discrimination and create preventative measures. 

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